Vegas RAW Natural Born Artists—


Ok, so I thought things just weren’t that fun anymore

—not like the club scene in New York in the ‘80s when I was the greatest performance artist of all times…


… riding my toy tractor and inflatable horse on stage while I sang these little ditties to a track.

But I was WRONG.

The RAW Natural Born Artists are the joint of undercover Las Vegas, serving up fun and frivolity like no other on April 10 at the newly opened Freemont Country Club, self-described as “Tex-Mex brothel Kitsch meets Sinatra in space” complete with merry-go-round ponies and eight foot horseshoes in a 10,000 square foot joint. This is the kind of country club I could dig joining.

Where to start? There was art—illustrators like Joseph Garcia, visual artist Laron Emcee, low key super-prolific Jef Logan (, body art by Jazmine Ringo whose model told me that she sits in a bathtub for four hours with a glass wine to get that stuff off, music from Heather Newman, United Devoted Comrades, Kella Bo Bella, and Red Peach. The dance troupe of Paraquay-born Allison Jacks was otherworldly and thought provoking. Social media was in effect big time. One male artist wistfully told me he wished every day could be like this. Ditto, but don’t quit your day job.

Below are a list of stage performers in order and links to their Facebook or website.

Spoken word Poet- Nathan Say FB: http://kellakellabobella/

Music- Heather Newman FB:

Music- United Devoted Comrades FB:

Music- Kella Bo Bella FB: http://kellakellabobella/

Runway MUA- Rebecca Morgan FB:

Music- Red Peach FB:

Dance Performance- Allison Jacks FB:

Fashion Runway- Wendy Eberhardt-Petrick FB:

Are you having an event?

Cruela Vaudevillia



Rose Sailcat

Director, Public Relations, The Jazz Gumbo Project



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