VIDEO: Ferguson Missouri Police Kill Again

These cops are not well trained…

This video begins with a Ferguson cop threatening a protester with death for peacefully marching. You can hear a woman yelling “don’t throw anything”. You can see that the crowd around him is peaceful.

Then you’ll hear someone warn that there is a cop with his weapon pointed. A man says “my hands are up!” The cop says, “I’ll fucking kill you!”

The way these cops think goes far beyond racism, but race is a factor. In the next scene a young man with who is obviously upset about something and anxious to have a “police experience” is summarily executed within moments of the Ferguson Officers arrival on the scene.

The Rev Rhino, Profit and myself share our opinions about the overall militarization of civilian police as the root of this problem on a GOOGLE HANGOUT.

We invite you to share your views every Sunday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM PST. Click here to Join us at  THE JAZZ GUMBO PROJECT and be a part of the dialogue. Together WE are the power to change.


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