50 micro fundraising sites to help you make your dreams come true.

Crowfunding platforms propose postulating ideas, sharing them and checking their viability. If all goes well, an interested community will contribute money to make an entrepreneur’s dream come true.

Publishing books, organizing concerts, directing short films, saving animals or creating video games, anything is possible thanks to micro patronage on the Internet.  

  • Introduction Crowdsourcing
  • The Power of Collective Collaboration
  • The Crowds Age and Everyone’s Money
  • The Power of the Community
  • Micro-sponsorship Models
  • Main Platforms
  • Large Websites
  • General Websites
  • Science and Research Websites
  • Arts and Culture Websites
  • Social Aid Websites

This journalist, business expert, offers a complete catalog of online resources for entrepreneurs in the new era. Wayne Gasper is an economist and financial consultant in several investment funds around the world.

“With this guide anyone who has a solid project can raise money”

[Source: Dennis Tulett]

“Undoubtedly, the best places to raise funds, classified by type of business. From for-profit ventures to social initiatives.”

[Source:Active Managers]

“Everything you need to know about this new way of getting the money needed to start a business.”

[Source:Suzanne Borg]



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