10616264_919894371373834_1460602324310589149_nIS MAINSTREAM MEDIA YOUR DADDY?

I started THE JAZZ GUMBO PROJECT because I had a vested interest in Cybermedia. I discovered the power of communication on a WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL. And I love jazz. My cousin came back from Vietnam and introduced me to Grover Washington Jr. From that point IT WAS ON AND POPPIN! The omnipotence of musical communication, whatever your preference is man’s only contribution to the entire biosphere. In fact the entire planet resonates to the sound of man.

We need to talk. The sound of man is a sad ass song at the moment. THE GANG OF THREE talks about this a lot. We see the world from very different perspectives. And we agree on the state of emergency. Panic now. Avoid the rush.

We make fun and laugh at it because all we can do is watch it happen. Just like you. But at least we can be honest about what is going on and share information to survive the inevitable. So the direction of this blog has taken a turn. As much as I would love to see a vibrant Jazz culture in Sin City this is more important. I’ve created this open forum because we need to talk. No rules. Express yourself. With no fear of criticism or reprisal. You can even use a fake identity. Just share your perspective.



A very close friend asked me,  “what kind of Pastor would take part in a forum that used the “F-Bomb” and more? THE RIGHT REV RHINO is the kind of pastor who is more concerned about the truth of the matter than being politically correct. AJ Watkins can talk about life and death. He has saved lives and taken them. He threw his bible into the sea after he lost a friend in combat. He picked it up again when he realized the need for truth in Christian teachings was more important than his pain.

Craig Sotkovsky aka PROFIT is a financial expert that has “been there and done that”. He currently lives outside of the US because he sees the connection between the diversions of media and the truth that the source of our true problems is high finance. Where is the money? Follow the money! Craig is here to tell you the economics is not commerce. Commodities are what is important. Water, food, shelter and your time are commodities. The government sees YOU as a commodity. So the language on our shows may get a bit rough. Craig is finishing his book “EVERYBODY PAYS A VIG”. Stay tuned for updates.

Rejj Smooth is just a media iconoclast that questions and substantiates everything that is mainstream media. If Rejj refers to it he has done his best to confirm that the report is true and accurate. The blessing of the internet is access to information, the curse is that the information accessed can come from unreliable sources with their own agenda. There are many full blown lies on the internet. Google “Tara Harris Muslim Hand Sign” for an example of a sensational lie that has threatened the lives and lively hood of innocent citizens.

I don’t believe that people should be censored. Who am I to judge. If you think a situation is fucked up. say that. Bullshit is bullshit. Being politically correct is an obstacle to communication. To participate in our forum you must agree to look past what may offend you in the delivery to be open to receive the message. Be a fucking adult!

THE GANG OF THREE is going to make fun of whatever they want to. Including your ass. So if you come put on your big girl panties. Or I promise you will wish that you had.